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How, exactly, does one start the beginning of a relationship with thousands, upon thousands of strangers on the internet? A hi? A more formal hello? Cool-guy you with a “sup?” Hit you with a very posted-up-outside-the-bodega “what’s good?” A link to my OnlyFans account? All of the above? It’s a complicated decision. So here’s what we’re going to do: pick the one from the above that suits *you* the best and understand that I’m sincere in my offering of said greeting unless you want to see my OnlyFans, then I’m just concerned. I am, honestly (brutally so), thrilled you’re here and reading this.

So what, is *gesturing broadly* all of this? This is Wall Street Motorsport. You’re looking at the tree that grew from the seed of an almost-mid, almost-happened “mid-“ life crisis. One day you’re almost pulling the trigger on the most ragged-on (in Las Vegas of all places, hope there’s some penicillin in the glovebox) Ferrari F430 Scuderia you’ve ever seen whilst sitting at home, unemployed in the middle of a pandemic and the next? Well, the next you’re penning the day one newsletter/blog/journal entry/whatever this is for an all-new online vehicle auction website. Life’s weird like that.

Let’s answer the big questions right out the gate: why Wall Street Motorsport and why right now. Wall Street Motorsport is something that I’ve had kicking around in my head for the better part of a year now, inspired almost exclusively by the car that I *almost* had my almost-mid, almost-happened “mid-“ life crisis over. A lot of almost there. My main incentive for not pulling the trigger in that moment? Sure, the price got to a point that I felt was mildly irresponsible while unemployed, but honestly? It was the fees (shocker, it was a car I was watching on a… auction site). Five racks just in fees? Just to be able to then hand six figures over to the seller? Insert meme of Rafiki in The Lion King throwing Simba into the stratosphere here. While I was clearly going through some shit at that point in my life, it was still untenable. Which got me thinking: could this be done better? Could it be done where it was more equitable for the buyers and the sellers? Could it be done where the buyers paid less in fees, which in turn allowed them to either spend more (benefitting the sellers) or save enough to cover, say, cross-country transport and a nice night out for their s/o to apologize for splurging on a new toy? Could. It. Be. Done. And also, could it be done in a way that was more engaging and fun?

Well, it turns out that if you eschew from building a business the traditional way (aka embracing remote working, no need for offices, etc. which the pandemic has proven works just fine), you can, in fact, build and run an online vehicle auction site with substantially lower fees. So that’s what we’ve done.

Wall Street Motorsport’s fee structure is straightforward: 3% buyer fees, capped at 3k (min. is $/£ 300). We charge nothing to list with us, assuming we accept your submission. If you’re in a rush due to whatever personal reasons you’re dealing with, we can expedite your listing for a 2% cut of the winning bid amount. Minimum is $/£ 500 and the maximum is $/£ 2,000.

Also, for those at home wondering why I keep interjecting both dollars and pounds sterling… it’s because while you’re reading this welcome bit on the .com version of our site, we’re launching the exact same site for the U.K. via our .co.uk URL in exactly one week. Why? Two reasons. The first? I’ve spent enough time in the U.K. in the last decade that it feels like a second home to me. Plus, I legitimately *love* Nandos and wanted a valid business excuse to fly over to enjoy some peri-peri a few times a year. The second, however, is more accurate: the U.K. market deserves an online vehicle auction site that isn’t charging outrageous 6% fees (you know who you are). I happen to have a most excellent professional partner-in-crime-work in my longtime bestie, Lindsay Orridge, who, much like myself, has had a lot of free time on her hands in the last year. She’s our Managing Director at WSM and is lead on our U.K. operations. She’s also been working in automotive and motorsport longer than damn-near anyone I know. So, a week from today, our .co.uk URL will be live and it’s going to be her ship to steer. Some of the metal she’s got lined up for the lads and—remind me to text her to ask what the U.K. word is for the female version of a lad but whatever that word is, put it here—is ridiculous.

Ok, so, this is now longer than I intended (ohhhhh how all of my exes are lollerskating after years of each of them saying the same “why do you have to write so much when you email me?”) so let’s wrap it up.

Welcome. Make sure to read our FAQ. If you’ve got a car you’re interested in submitting, we’re interested in seeing it. Hit our Submit A Vehicle page. Here to bid? Then head over to our home page/auctions. It’s week one and we already have some knockout listings. First up? My former employer’s Subaru WRX STi that he happened to jump 171 feet (before I started working for him). Absolutely bananas. But also, your easiest/fastest ticket to get behind the wheel of a proper rally car here in America. And, friendly reminder: rally cars are street legal. Use that information how you’d like.


– MT



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